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About Me

Hello, my name is Zachary Cohen and I recently graduated from Millersville University majoring in technology education. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Education, majoring in Technology Education and a Pennsylvania State Teachers Certification in Technology Education, K-12. After graduating I accepted a postition in Anne Arundel County in Maryland, and am currently a technology and engineering teacher, as well as head mentor and team executive officer to the school's FIRST Robotics Competition team.

As you can see from my resume and my list of relevant courses, I have completed numerous courses and opportunities in the areas of technology education, and have gained a vast amount of knowledge in the technology education content area. While I do have a well-rounded education in my content area, my personal focus is primarily in drafting, engineering, and competition robotics, where I have devoted much of time. Although much of my knowledge and passion is in the S.T.E.M. content knowledge, I am also able bring my expertise in traditional technology education areas such as woodworking and metalworking, and implement them into other content areas such as engineering and robotics. Because of this wide array of knowledge, I am able to teach a multitude of subjects under the S.T.E.M. umbrella, and can tailor my knowledge to any school systems curriculum in order to meet both school, state, and national standards.

Additionally, I have extensive experience with robotics in educational settings. Particularly, I have been a volunteer mentor and coach for Lower Merion School District’s FIRST Competition Robotics Team, Dawgma, since 2008. During this time I have worked side by side with Lower Merion School District employees and mentors from major engineering corporations helping to inspire students in S.T.E.M. education through the team, in addition to building upon my pedagogical skills by being a leader and a mentor for the students. With this experience I have been able to build a wealth of knowledge to compliment my education at Millersville.  I have also seen the extreme benefits that a program such as FIRST Robotics Competition or another robotics competition has for schools. I have personally witnessed these programs literally change students’ lives for the better, enabling them to pursue rewarding and influential carriers and lifestyles and therefore would be more than willing to start or continue a robotics program or curriculum at any school district.

In addition to technology and engineering education, I have extensive knowledge in the technical aspects of the performing arts, specifically in lighting, rigging, and staging. Before pursuing my degree at Millersville, I attended the Conservatory of Theatre Arts at SUNY Purchase College, where I majored in Theatre Design and Technology, with a focus in Technical Direction. In addition, I concurrently worked in the New York City and Philadelphia areas as a stagehand for numerous theatrical shows and entertainment events. With my skills attained in professional theatre, I would be eager to assist a high school’s theatre program, and share my insights and training with students interested in such areas.

If you have any questions or anything you would like to discuss, please contact me here.